Ningbo Museum of Art

Ningbo Museum of Art is non-profiting cultural institute which is under direct supervision of Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Through displaying, collecting, researching and promoting the excellent works by virtuosos from home and abroad, we strive to build the museum into one of top-class museums in the nation and one with its unique features.

The staff presently consists of 36 full-time employees including 3 holding senior qualification certificates. Powered by their expertise and dedication, the Museum not only emphasizes on the promotion of artistic fruits by local artists but also keeps a close eye on the artistic trends worldwide. By bilateral exchange programs, academic symposiums and exhibitions, the Museum forges ahead with a goal of being more international.

The Museum is located in the Bund area, by the river of Yong in the east . The site is in history a birthplace of early marine transportation and trade business in Ningbo. Converted and rebuilt from a port control building, the Museum construction retains the control tower which, along with the unique architectural form of dual-shell square base symbolizes an "Ark of Art" parked by the river. By utilizing decorating spot lights, the Museum shines like a glittering pearl under the starry sky in "tri-river cultural corridor".

The Museum complex has 16,200 construction area and 23,100 building area. It consists of the main building, 2 piers and a rooftop plaza. The main building possesses one comprehensive exhibition hall, two primary halls and five secondary exhibition rooms with a total exhibition space of 5,300 square meters. Equipped with complete and advanced Fire Alarming, Air Conditioning, Intrusion Detection & CCTV and Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems as well as lighting system, the exhibition spaces are perfect for all kinds of exhibitions.

The 3 separate collection vaults has a space of 1,500 square meters and are guarded by purposely-designed security gate and under full monitoring by security guards. The additional auxiliary facilities include 400-seat conference hall, artist saloon, artist studio, education center and gallery.

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