Preface of The 4th Ningbo International Poster Biennial
The 4th Ningbo International Poster Biennial will be held in Ningbo Museum of Art on November 25, 2006, which consists of the following programmes: The 4th International Poster Biennial, Ningbo 2006 The 8 Graphic Designers Exhibition, Ningbo 2006 International Students Design Competition of Ningbo Poster Biennial, 2006 TYPO 100 Classical Poster Review Exhibition No Paper, Experimental Poster Exhibition of 12 Designers Serial Lectures of International Juries “Design View”, International Design Forum “TYPO 100 Classical Poster Review Exhibition” and “No Paper, Experimental Poster Exhibition of 12 Designers” are next events during this poster biennial, and aimed to highlight the magnificent history of international poster designing as well as to explore the possibility of new ideas for poster design under modern scientific technology which will certainly provide some important thinkings to the global graphic design industry. The 4th Ningbo International Poster Biennial has invited Anette Lenz (France), Brouno Monguzzi (Italy), Fumio Tachibana (Japan), Guang Yu (China), He Jianping (Germany), Martin Woodtli (Switzerland), Vince Frost (Australia) and Wang Yuefei (China) to be the members of the international jury. Not only academic achievements, but different age group and cultural background as well as the different designing style are taken into serious consideration as crucial criteria of selecting jury members, which also reflect the topic of this Ningbo International Poster Biennial “a hundred flowers blossoming. a hundred viewpoints contending”. The 4th Ningbo International Poster Biennial has received 2010 posters from 652 designs and 35 different countries and regions. Only 125 items (series) of hundred of designers from 18 different countries and regions are qualified (6% qualification rate) after first round of selection by international juries with strict professional standard and code of equality. Ningbo International Poster Biennial started from 1999, which has been held for three times. the 2004 Ningbo International Poster Biennial played an important role during the development of this event, when Kenya Hara (Japan), Uwe Loesch (Germany), Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy), David Tartakover (Israel), Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland), Edwin Vollebergh (Holland), Stanley Wong (Hong Kong) and Wang Xu (China) were the international jury members. They suggested that “if the graphic design loses its trend of professional development and new expression, it basically loses its significance of the epoch”, which is aiming to encourage the creativity in graphic designing, to form a professional judging standard with Ningbo International Poster Biennial characteristics. This is what the organization committee has been always seeking for. The constitution of this judging standard means this event has achieved a new milestone. Ningbo International Poster Biennial is no longer a common Poster Biennial. After many years’ effort, Ningbo International Poster Biennial has gained very good reputation worldwide, for its professional trend of professional development and high standard jury member selecting and strict judging criteria. This Ningbo International Poster Biennial will follow the international standard, aiming to promote high standard poster design with professional trend of professional development and new expression and communication in international designing field, to encourage brilliant poster designers, and raise the professional standard of China graphic design and teaching. From this biennial, Ningbo International Poster Biennial will officially merge with Ningbo Museum of Art, and strive to establish a permanent international poster gallery, which will have a great positive impact to Ningbo International Poster Biennial. Jury member Brouno Monguzzi once said “this world is so noisy, all I want is to dedicate a piece of tranquility.” And Ningbo International Poster Biennial will also dedicate itself with prudence, calmness and professional trend of professional development for promoting Chinese and International graphic design and education fields. Hereby, we would like to highlight our sincere gratitude to all international jury members! Thanks Ningbo Municipal People’s Government、Ningbo Bureau of Education Section chief、Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology and Ningbo Tianjiu printing Co. Ltd etc for their support! Thanks Ningbo Web International for providing translation and interpreting support. Thanks all entities and individuals for their helps! Thanks Guangzhou WangXu designing Co.,Ltd and Mr.WangXu as well as professor Wang Ming from China Central Academy of Fine Arts for providing excellent poster items for TYPO 100 Classical Poster Fond Review Exhibition! Thanks 12 designers for providing their works for NO PAPER Experimental Poster Exhibition! All their works will have an important influence to the future graphic design!