International Students Design Competition of Ningbo Poster Biennial 2006

The 4th International Poster Biennial, Ningbo 2006 
International Students Design Competition of Ningbo Poster Biennial 2006

The current International Students Design Competition of Ningbo Poster Biennial will be operated rigidly by international practice, aiming at promoting high-level graphic design, propelling convergence and exchange of international design and study, encouraging outstanding young designers as well as graphic designs with new and innovative expression, thus promoting the development of Chinese education in graphic designing. The international jury of the 4th Ningbo International Poster Biennial will screen the corresponding awards to the current International Students Design Competition of Ningbo Poster Biennial.

Ningbo Education Bureau

The committee of Ningbo International Poster Biennial
Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology
Ningbo Museum of Art

a hundred flowers blossoming · a hundred viewpoints contending

A. Poster
B. Book Design
C. Font and Typeface
D. Others

1. With "a hundred flowers blossoming · a hundred viewpoints contending" as the theme for creation, contesters are required to use their native language (or word images) and a foreign language (or word images) to create any form of work other than new media.
2. All the entry works must be created with Typography.
3. No limit for the size and way of making of the submitted poster. It could be patching, painting, printing, spray painting or copying. Mounting is not required.
4. The way of making, bookbinding, size and material are not limited. It could be patching, painting, printing, spray painting or copying. All the submitted works must be the original works; digital files are not required.
5. Works of character design must focus on the content of "a hundred flowers blossoming · a hundred viewpoints contending" both in Chinese and English. Style of characters is to be designed with innovation. There is no limit in size, way of making or material. It can be collage, painting, printing, spray painting, xerox, photographing, etc. Please do not frame.
6. No limit for the size, form, way of making and material of the work.
7. Along with the hard copy, the participants are required to send document in digital file recorded on CD-ROM. File Technical Specification: TIFF (CMYK images) format, A4 size, 350 dpi precision. (Other type would be declined.)
8. No limit for the number of submission.
9. The participants are required to fill in a label in block letters or typewritten. A copy of the label could be fixed with adhesive tape to the low-right corner on the back of each poster.
10. Each entry form must be in duplicate. Entry forms must be enclosed in a sealed envelope along with the posters. The participants should be requested to fill in an entry form in block letters or typewritten. The entry form should be signed by the participant. (The entry label and form could be downloaded from the website:
11. The works should be packed in a safe and practical manner to avoid any damage during transport.

1. Entrant should be student of the design college schools. There" no limit for nationality.
2. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entries they consider morally, politically or religiously offensive, as well as work that is considered in contravention of the rules.
3. All the posters selected by the jury for the competitive exhibition become the property of the Organizers. All the posters are not returnable.
4. Each of the participants for the exhibition will receive the certificate. Winners will be conferred certificates and a set of works of this Biyearly Poster Exhibition.
5. The organizer will not undertake any customs clearance. The organizer will not take responsible for the delay of entries in transit. The posters must be sent as printed matter of a non-commercial value statement. Please do not include the price of your submission on the postal declaration or invoice, as it complicates the delivery procedure: the organizers will not undertake any customs formalities.
6. The selected work will be exhibited together with the work of the 4th International Biennial Poster, Ningbo 2006.


October 20th, 2006 (Subject to the receiving date)

5 Gold Prizes
7 Silver Prizes
10 Bronze Prizes
15 Excellence Award
8 Special Prizes selected by each International Jury
10 Excellence Tutor Award

The submitted posters must be designed by entrant. If the work has the intellective right or copyright dispute, the organizer will cancel the qualification of the entry right. The entrant must undertake all the consequences. The entrant should ensure the organizer not to generate any copyright or other intellective right dispute for the use of the posters. The organizer has the right to exhibit, publish (including digital publish) and collect the selected posters.

The materials will be sent to: The 4th International Poster Biennial, Ningbo 2006 Committee, 122 Renmin Rd., Ningbo, China, 315021
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